Big Bull Jerky is No Bull

I've made no secret of my love for beef jerky, and I've recently got my hands on a new favorite: Big Bull Brand beef jerky. I found it at my local Kowalski's in South Minneapolis, but you can order it online or visit the Big Bull beef jerky store in St. Paul, MN. Big Bull offers 15 flavors of beef jerky, including Jalapeno Six Pepper, Honey Maple, and "Texican." At $8.92 for 3 ounces, it's not cheap. I tried Big Bull (Teriyaki and Habanero flavors) because its packaging tells me that:

  • It's made from 100% grass fed beef
  • The beef is handcrafted locally in Minneapolis
  • The animals are raised without antibiotics or hormones
  • The jerky is low in cholesterol, saturated fats and calories, even compared with other beef jerky

The jerky I bought was tender and tasty, not at all greasy or chewy. It had a little bit of a gamey flavor, which is what I normally associate with grass fed beef and other meat. I will buy from Big Bull again because it tastes good, and I will feel good about it for the reasons described above. You can find Big Bull here:big-bull Big Bull Jerky 445 Broadway Ave. St. Paul Park, MN 55701

One more thing I should mention - unlike beef jerky that is heavily salted and tough like leather, Big Bull jerky is real food, and it does eventually go bad. In fact, I opened a moldy package last week. When you buy this stuff, make sure it's fresh.