Food Network Canada's 100 Mile Challenge

I knew that once I started writing about local food, the movement was well beyond its tipping point. What I didn't know was that Canada's Food Network was planning its own new reality show called The 100 Mile Challenge. From their website:

The 100 Mile Challenge challenges six families to survive for 100 days on food that originates within a 100 mile radius of their home. Through intimate, often funny, sometimes painful, always entertaining, personal stories, we'll witness exactly what happens when this extraordinary food-focused experiment unfolds. The 100 Mile Challenge will get all of Canada talking about what we eat and where exactly it comes from.

100 miles should give the contestants a pretty wide range of options - I'm predicting at least 4 weeks before they become cannibals - but I suppose that depends where in Canada they live and eat, whether they have to grow their own sustainable vegetables and raise their own local meat, whether they have to do the cooking as well, whether there's a cloud of black smoke following them, etc.

The 100 Mile Challenge website is full of terrific content, including videos, food spotlights, and ways for the public to participate. The challenge itself starts on April 5. Plenty of time for me to decide if I should sign up for satellite TV. I need to check Hulu first.