Rogue Chocolate: Rich, Delicious Cake in Every Bite

rogue I'm not sure how to describe what I've recently tasted from Minneapolis' Rogue Chocolatier. I'm not used to eating chocolate that's as complex as fine wine or beer, as satisfying as a cheese plate, or as rich as King Midas. I know that I'm prone to superlatives, but here I go again: Rogue Chocolatier's Sambirano (the only kind I've tried so far), single-origin chocolate from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar, is as good as any chocolate I've ever had. It's so satisfying that a small bit will satisfy. It's so good that it doesn't need any accompaniment. Here's a note from the founder from the Rogue website:

Rogue Chocolatier is the first true artisan chocolate maker to arrive in the Upper Midwest. I source the finest cacao and clean, roast, winnow, grind, refine, conche, temper, mold, and package it myself. In this I hope to bring out the heart in each bean. The chocolate you are about to enjoy has kept me up late into the evening and woken me early in the morning for its care. It is the culmination of a three day process that ends in a product I love. I hope you will too.rogue1 Colin J. Gasko Founder / Chocolate Maker

I know - technically speaking, chocolate is not local to the Midwest. But given the amount of work that goes into each Rogue chocolate bar (all in the Twin Cities!), the artisanal way it's produced, and the care that's put into getting fine cacao from its true source, Rogue is as close as we're likely to find. It's simple, good, and tasty.

It feels weird for me to be gushing over a bar of pure, unadulterated chocolate, especially one that's more substantial than super-sweet. I don't even love chocolate cake. But this is something special - heck, even the packaging is special.

If you're on my holiday list, expect Rogue Chocolate this year. Rogue chocolate is available locally at the following stores (and nationally at another 40 or so - in SF, NY, etc.):


St. Paul

There are 3 varieties and they cost $6.99 each online (plus shipping). After you give it a try, please let me know what you think.