We're Up!

Stephen, Molly, and I launching the site htis morning.

The new site is up - welcome! Please take a look around and let us know what you think. Happy 4th of July!

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Launching the New Simple, Good, and Tasty

I couldn't be more excited to let you know that Simple, Good and Tasty is relaunching this weekend. Why? I'm glad you asked. Here goes:

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This Week’s Farmshare Bounty - Just in Time!

How is it that we ran out of nearly everything this week? I'll admit that the amaranth wilted before we had a chance to try it (entirely our fault), but we enjoyed all sorts of salads, veggie skewers, and other fine meals this week (my wife added chard, breadcrumbs, and locally-raised bacon to our pasta tonight and it was fantastic), even eating our way through our entire fruit share.

In any case, we're thrilled that this week's box of fresh foods comes today, partly because our refrigerator is bare, and partly because my mom and step-dad are in town from Florida, and I've been talking up Harmony Valley's CSA. (I've frozen some rhubarb, and cobbler definitely is on the menu.) Here's what we're getting with a photo, descriptions, and ideas for preparation directly from the good folks at Harmony Valley Farm:

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The Onions are All Right

With apologies to Pete Townsend, I was very happy to check in on the onions we planted in May with the Birchwood Cafe and Common Roots at Riverbend Farm recently. Greg Reynolds told me that the hoe had just come through, and things were looking good. I agree.

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Local D'lish: the Cream and the Crop

This is an excerpt from the full article “Local D’lish aims to be the cream of the crop” published by Live Green Twin Cities on June 30, 2009.

Local D’lish is a grocery and gourmet-food store near downtown Minneapolis that focuses almost exclusively on local foods. The care and planning that has gone into making the place both beautiful and inviting is immediately evident: Tomato plants greet visitors, and the warm, sunny walls make the little shop feel like a celebratory outdoor market; and the selection of foods and food products is vast and unique, made up almost exclusively of good, local, real foods made in Minnesota and surrounding states (Obsession Chocolates, made with fresh local ingredients in Wisconsin, are a particularly tempting find).

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SGT Featured on Live Green Twin Cities

July is local food month at Live Green Twin Cities, a supercool blog that focuses on the “green lifestyle.” That’s good news for me, because I’m partnering with Molly Priesmeyer at Live Green to produce a bunch of new content throughout the month. Here’s what the site says:

We’ll introduce you to great local stores and shops that sell healthy and organic local food; local chefs focusing on sustainable practices; and local farmers producing healthy and organic produce, meats, and more.

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Simple Provisions Delivers the Goods

I got to meet Carter from Simple Provisions a few weeks back, when he delivered fresh, local milk, ice cream, hot dogs, and bread to my house. Carter is a nice man, gentle and unassuming, and I had to pry the following basic information from him:

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Les Petites Images Recaps Heartland Dinner

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again - I’m a big fan of Les Petites Images, a terrific food and photography blog by my new friend Kate Sommers. I was lucky to have Kate in attendance at our last Simple, Good, and Tasty dinner at Heartland for 2 reasons: first, because she’s lots of fun, a total pleasure to hang out with; second, because she takes - and shares - amazing photos like the ones you see here.

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