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  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Kate Sommers in reply to: What's for Dinner? Soup!

    This looks pretty yummy, and it's a great way to blast through those peppers. They also freeze really well, are great on pizza, and my favorite: roasted on top of crusty bread with fresh ricotta, a bit of salt, and olive oil.

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: lee in reply to: Recipe for a Fall Cleanse: Calming, Filling, Fat-Burning Kicharee

    Really, Molly? That's awesome!

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Molly in reply to: Recipe for a Fall Cleanse: Calming, Filling, Fat-Burning Kicharee

    I'm going to try this, too. Except I'm going to substitute Saag Paneer for the kicharee. I can't wait to get started!

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Shari in reply to: Recipe for a Fall Cleanse: Calming, Filling, Fat-Burning Kicharee

    Hi, Laura.

    If you can't find the split yellow mung beans at the co-op, you can get them online or locally at an Asian grocery. And, yes, dry roast the spices in the pan before adding anything else. Finally, warm water is the only recommended beverage accompaniment. Sorry! Are you going to do it?


  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Laura. in reply to: Recipe for a Fall Cleanse: Calming, Filling, Fat-Burning Kicharee

    this sounds like exactly what i need! can i get all this stuff at the co-op? in the recipe, the first direction is to add the spices--are we to just dry roast the spices? and really, do i HAVE to stop drinking coffee during the cleanse?

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Christine in reply to: The Health Care Debate on Fat is a Bunch of Baloney

    This was great--and took the thoughts right out of my head. I find it amusing that one of the proponents of this is favorite part of an NPR piece on it the other day was when the CEO was asked whether Safeway would consider increasing prices or taxes on unhealthy food products and reduce prices on good ones. Bet you can guess the answer to that one! And, I can bet you THAT would be a bigger incentive than higher health care costs. It really made me angry, as a person with an obesity problem. I try and actually eat rather well, and exercise...just not quite enough to solve the problem. The problem is that our world is set up to not help matters, as you've aptly pointed out in a much more coherent manner than I could. I don't debate that it's better to not carry excess weight, but I think even the studies that examine health impacts of obesity have a bias against fat people. I've known many big people who lived long healthy lives. Seriously! It's very frustrating...another healthcare issue faced by obsese people is bias from medical professionals. I've had doctors write off legitimate problems because they attributed it to me being overweight. And, I get thin friend who goes to the same doctor never exercises and would eat rather badly, but got none of the "eat healthy and exercise" lectures. It just contributes to the problem I have--which is that I learned to turn to food for comfort when I was little and made fun of for being fat! It's a viscious cycle...anyway, thanks for the thoughts!

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Amy M Boland in reply to: Great Reasons to Eat Something New

    Sharon, your story makes me have hope for the nephew.

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Sharon in reply to: Great Reasons to Eat Something New

    When it comes to kid's food jags and refusal to try new things, it's important to offer keep offering can take up to 15 "attempts" before they might try it decide it's not so bad! Don't lose hope! My youngest brother was one of the pickiest eaters ever (mac and cheese, PB&J, apples, and corn were his mainstays). When he was about 15 he came to visit me in CA. I was making veggie lasagna and hoping to finish making it before he came into the kitchen so he wouldn't see what I was putting in it. He surprised me by popping into the kitchen while I was chopping the mushrooms...he said what are you making? I cringed as I told him and he said...oh yum, that sounds great! I just about fainted (assuming he was going to object vehemently)! Now in his 40s, you'd never know he used to be such a finicky eater!

  • 5 years 10 weeks ago by: Stephen in reply to: Slim Jim: Almost Completely Food Free!

    OMG! I'm nauseous from reading this and it's been 30 years since I ate a Slim Jim.

  • 5 years 11 weeks ago by: Barkwheats in reply to: The Local Food Movement Has Gone to the Dogs... and Cats

    Don't forget about Barkwheats Dog Biscuits when thinking about companies who know where the ingredients are coming. We're the only ones in the industry making treats where we source each ingredient directly from the farmer who is growing it. YUM!