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  • 8 weeks 3 days ago by: Karl in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Salmon burgers, fresh as you can get

    Another great piece Jamie.  I appreciate your perspective on using as much of the fish as possible.  Certainly, it requires more effort, but it illustrates respect for the animal.   Another use for the meat on the bone would be in a rilette - Potted Salmon.  Perfect for a beautiful evening like tonight!  Cheers

  • 9 weeks 12 hours ago by: Emma S. in reply to: The art of the quick pickle

    Thanks so much for this article, I always think of pickling as something that takes a bushel of cucumbers and a whole day in the kitchen -- I appreciate how simple you make it sound. Going to give it a try this weekend!

  • 9 weeks 22 hours ago by: Scott Slocum in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Consider the Beaver

    Yes, beaver have always been a staple food of Native Americans.

  • 9 weeks 1 day ago by: Nicaraguan Cuisine in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Consider the Beaver

    This is interesting, i didn't know that beaver can be eaten because there were a video I've seen long time ago about massive killings of beaver. They just skin the beaver to get the fur then all are waste. If they only knew how to cook this they will definitely change their mind.

  • 9 weeks 1 day ago by: Nicaragua Duck Hunting in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Thoughts on why I hunt

    Agree whatever you say, we have same point of view. This will definitely open their mind those who criticize hunters for their cruelty. 



  • 9 weeks 1 day ago by: advardjohn in reply to: Feel Like Crap?: Get shiny and bright again with a spring detox

    Whenever you take a moment to evaluation the visitor info that's available you will certainly be capable of geting more out of your trip general than without having a great plan. By finding out about each one of the tourist appeal locations about the maps which are included in the majority of the travel instructions, you might find which points of interest are nearby to a different one which will help you to get in one to another quickly, thus helping avoid running in one part associated with town towards the other.

  • 9 weeks 2 days ago by: Michelle in reply to: Massage and Stress Reduction as Preventatitve Care

    Great article. I could not agree more. Massage is SUCH a great way to relieve stress. My biggest gripe is that most insurance companies will not pay for massage services as it is not a "recognized"medical procedure. The only way that I can get regular massages is from my boyfriend and unfortuantely its just not the same as a trained massesues although I love him for it. Natural stress remedies can help a lot too. I take an herbal remedy called Nuphorin from time to time and it seems to help quite a bit. Great article!

  • 9 weeks 5 days ago by: Diets for Everyone in reply to: The Paleo Diet: What it Is and Why it Works

    Such a nice post! Thanks for sharing this very informative article. :)


    Fruits must be included in the daily diet of everyone who intends to fight breast cancer and any other type of disease out there. This is because they contain fiber, phytochemicals and powerful antioxidants, all of which are great cancer combatants.

  • 10 weeks 11 hours ago by: drip coffee guy in reply to: A Fresh Start: Detox Your Kitchen

    All these option will for sure turn our lives easier, but any brand must be folowed with user care and maintenance to stay for a long periode of time.

  • 10 weeks 1 day ago by: AlexSmith in reply to: Raw but Cooked: Kinilaw

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