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  • 8 weeks 5 days ago by: niklas in reply to: DIY Craft Cocktails: Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks

    The recipes sound awesome!

    Have you ever tried making a Cocktail with a soda siphon? You can easily carbonate fruit juice etc. without watering it down! Makes for some delicious sommer drinks!


  • 8 weeks 6 days ago by: Pizza lover in reply to: Eat Local, Fund Local: Four tasty Kickstarter campaigns bring more flavor to the Cities

    Wow!! It's really grea. Thanks for sharing this us. I love pizza so much. I have my own <a href="">Pizza oven</a> to bake pizza at home. :)

  • 9 weeks 12 hours ago by: oleo de cartamo in reply to: Betty Lou's Health Foods

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  • 9 weeks 14 hours ago by: Daniel in reply to: Vermiculture and Our Friends the Worms

    Never had any good results using worms in my compost, but I should give another try soon! Thanks for the article!

  • 9 weeks 2 days ago by: Becky in reply to: The Bitter Melon Truth

    I haven't eaten this veg in all my 47 years because I was put off by the stories of its bitterness.  I'm trying to eat more healthy meals so I now vary my menu to include the dreaded Caraillie, as we call it in Trinidad.  I prepared it for cooking by cutting into small pieces over which I sprinkled little salt and left it for 30 mins. Then I drained out all the liquid by squeezing.  The I heated about 1 tsp. veg. oil and sauted generous portion of onions and crushed garlic, sliced pimiento peppers and very firm, finely chopped tomatoes.  Just as the garlic began to turn brownish colour, I added caraillie pieces, with some pepper, for flavour and fried for about 10 mins.  In spite of what I've heard, I actually enjoyed this VERY much.  I've eaten it with roti, bread, rice; I've really 'mixed it up', and, I suggest you try it too. Don't knock it until you've tried it.  Believe me!!

  • 9 weeks 4 days ago by: Jared Prusia in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Thoughts on why I hunt

    Hunting is in our blood. Some know it from the day they are born and other dont realize it untill the first time someone takes them. It is a part of a legacy that we as hunters are obligated to share with younger genarations to come. Trophy hunters and meat hunters alike share a unique intamacy with the outdoors that cannot be explained, only experienced. Dedication to improving habitat and herd health is becoming more essential every day a new housing development is established. Every hunter has the right and the obligation to stand up for our support so that our children and our childrens children can experience the excitement of the great outdoors.

  • 9 weeks 4 days ago by: Margret in reply to: The Latin Tongue: La Mixteca

    It is so sad to hear the news that the La Mixteca is closed as of April 2013. I was very pleased to know about the wonderful dishes that were offered in this restaurant. It was very nice of you to share the price details of the various dishes click

  • 9 weeks 5 days ago by: Roger S. in reply to: School Lunch Makeover: A new project is bringing more training to farmers, which means better produce for kids

    Sometimes it feels like all we ever hear about school lunches is bad it's great to know that there are such big efforts going on locally to get healthy food to our kids!

  • 10 weeks 1 day ago by: Magnésio Dimalato in reply to: Feel Like Crap?: Get shiny and bright again with a spring detox

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  • 10 weeks 1 day ago by: cartamo in reply to: The Paleo Diet: What it Is and Why it Works

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