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  • 19 weeks 1 day ago by: Justin in reply to: New Year Resolution: Cook like my great-grandmother

    Grandmother is always away from me, so I think my new year's resolution is to be a good cook like my mother. :)

  • 19 weeks 1 day ago by: Debbie in reply to: Extra Credit Gardening: Growing pineapples in Minnesota

    Yes, it's in my greenhouse. I've had a lot of fun planting seeds and cuttings from different kinds of fruits. It's been a lot of fun to watch them grow!

  • 19 weeks 1 day ago by: Tropical Valley Foods in reply to: Tucson Coop Warehouse


    I recently came across this website and was wondering if anyone would be interested in receiving a product catalog and/or some free samples!

    Here at Tropical Valley we primarily specialize in dried organic fruits and chocolates.

    If interested please let me know and I will send one right away. I hope to hear from someone soon! 

    Thank you!

  • 19 weeks 2 days ago by: Melissa H in reply to: Extra Credit Gardening: Growing pineapples in Minnesota

    Do you keep these in your house, or are they in your green house? I have to say that you are very patient to just wait and see what happened! This is very interesting!

  • 19 weeks 3 days ago by: Glen in reply to: The Bitter Melon Truth

    I live in Panama where the bittermelon is called balsamina.  It is found wild on people's fences.  I grew some using some seed a Chinese lady gave me.  It is easy to grow but it likes the heat.  I use the fruit both green and ripe or orange.  I split them and scoop out the seeds and then cut it in small peices before throwing them in a blender with some water to puree it.  I pour it thru a fine meshed sieve into a container.  I mix some lemon juice with the bittermelon juice(to taste).  I drink a small cup of this juice in the morning and the evening.  It is addictive once you get used to drinking it. I find that it calms the stomach and promotes good health.  If you normally have a little flatulance due to an upset stomach this juice will pretty much put an end to this.  Great for digestive health.  Whether it is good or not for other things I do not know.  But, if you drink this juice you will feel better and you will want to keep drinking it because it truly does foster better health.  You can experiment with the juicing recipe to come up with something you will love drinking.  When I do not have fruits ready to juice I make tea out of the leaves.  Just pick ten leaves or so, wash them and boil them in a pot for about 5 or 6 minutes.  Then, let it cool.  Put the tea in a jug, mix some lemon juice with it to taste and drink this.  It tastes less green than the bittermelon juice.  The leaves are a cornucopea of healthful vitamins and compounds also.  This plant is a climber.  Just set up a trellis like you would for cucumbers and grow it in the spring, like you would any warm weather plant in the garden.  The plants are beautiful and easy to grow.  Don't miss out on the benefits of bittermelon.  Its easier to consume in the form of juice or tea if you are an American also.  Just drink it down fast.  Once you realize how good for you it is you will not want to miss a day without it. 

  • 19 weeks 3 days ago by: Kirsten Bansen Weigle in reply to: New Year Resolution: Cook like my great-grandmother

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Pork endorsement: Windland Flats pastured pork out of Princeton, MN: Interesting business model--a consortium of very small farmers marketing pastured meats from winter-hardy breeds. And delicious, as well. Tell them we sent you! 


    Maple Grove Farmers Market


  • 19 weeks 4 days ago by: annmaria in reply to: Bones, Calcium, Controversy

     I have heard that many mothers have problem like the bone marrow. The chance is due to the lack of the vitamin they getting from their food. The easy way to prevent this is by making your diet as said above by the site.

  • 19 weeks 6 days ago by: Aaron Thornburg in reply to: Ever Wonder What the Farmers Market Vendors Do During the Winter? Hint: They Don't Get to Hibernate

    An informative post definitely.

  • 20 weeks 12 hours ago by: Elizabeth M. in reply to: New Year Resolution: Cook like my great-grandmother

    An excellent resolution, David -- here's my favorite recipe:

  • 20 weeks 12 hours ago by: David Miklethun in reply to: New Year Resolution: Cook like my great-grandmother

    Now that you mention it, homemade mayo sounds like a great idea. I resolve to give it a try.