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  • 11 weeks 6 days ago by: Rojean in reply to: Raw but Cooked: Kinilaw

    Hi, i read your article about kilawin and i am intrigued about the health risk of eating raw fish while pregnant. Currently i am 13 weeks pregnant and i am from the Philippines.i grow up eating kilawin na isda such as tanigue,tuna and even bangus or milk fish. My concern is since i got pregnant i have this cravings about kilawin, i know that pregnant woman shouldn't be eating raw fish but i thought kilawin is not really can be called " raw" because we marinate it a lot of salt and vinegar then wash it and cook it more with vinegar and lime juice with some onions and ginger...Now my main concern is i just made kilawin na bangus and i feel so guilty after i ate it. I couldn't help myself not to eat it because i am so craving for it gonna hurt my baby? What are the health risk of eating kilawin while pregnant?

    Thank you.

  • 12 weeks 1 day ago by: Horney Goat Weed in reply to: Can Food Get You in the Mood? A Guy's Guide to Aphrodisiacs

    Great article. I've read somewhere that chocolate too is an aphrodisiac. Thank you

  • 13 weeks 3 days ago by: fred jolkes in reply to: Behind the CSA Box: Adventures in Farming

    With a CSA, we know that we're not alone. Our members will support us for those early season  Ungagged

  • 14 weeks 15 hours ago by: testosterone booster in reply to: New Life Health Center

    Student health and well-being? Sound nutrition? To identify the best solutions, act locally - let's empower local school districts.

  • 14 weeks 15 hours ago by: testosterone booster in reply to: New Life Health Center

    Our work helped so many members of the community become more educated about why the traditional latrines were so damaging to health, the environment and hygiene,” Jemma says. “It also gave economically deprived households a cheap way of fertilising their crops and gave them access to a new source of income through selling compost.testosterone booster

  • 16 weeks 1 day ago by: Marline in reply to: Backyard Produce Section: Local resources for growing your own grub

    The local farmers markets are always a great place to find varieties that do well locally.I find the owners of local farms are usually more than willing to share some fo their secrets and even some seedlings if asked nicely. Its also nice to find a good website with great vegiie recipes like <a href=""></a>

  • 16 weeks 5 days ago by: Natalie in reply to: Brussels Sprouts: Tiny Yet Mighty

    I made mine like this for a long time until I heard I couldn't use olive oil because of the low smoke point!?  Can anyone clarify that?  

  • 17 weeks 15 hours ago by: Penny in reply to: The Urban Cellar: Storing Veggies in Your Home with a recipe for Root Veggie Cakes.

    I went to a class in which winter storage in small spaces was a topic. The person speaking had used an old cooler to store root veggies in sand & sawdust. I'm trying that this year, especially since my cool spot in my basement isn't all that cool & I really need to try to keep them cooler than the surrounding air. That & insulating around the outside of the cooler with styrofoam & old life jackets. Will see how it works. The speaker did not give a description of how to put the veggies in the cooler, though & I forgot to ask. With the layers described here, I will be able to do it. That's for this information!!

  • 18 weeks 1 day ago by: Nick Myatt in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Making Coot Edible (and a Recipe for Coot Cotechino)

    Good article/recipe.  I will have to try that if I ever decide to shoot a coot again.  

    I had a fun story from this week.  I had no intention of shooting a coot but my 3-year-old son really wanted me to so then I had to figure out how to cook it.  

    I ended up making "Hide-a-coot Poppers":

  • 18 weeks 1 day ago by: poch in reply to: A Trio of Asian Spices Goes Beyond Ginger

    Hi, ill be cooking an indonesian dish, may i ask where to get galangal, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric leaf. Thanks