The Land Connection

According to Linda Kruhmin - The Land Connection Foundation (TLC) is a grassroots, central-Illinois-based, 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization. TLC has a broad mission -- "from the soil to the supper table" -- that involves saving farmland at risk of loss to sprawl; training new and transitioning farmers*; and linking the growers and eaters of local sustainably raised foods (see TLC's goal is to cultivate a sustainable food system by cultivating healthy farms, healthy food, and healthy communities. Terra Brockman, executive director of The Land Connection, grew up in central Illinois, then lit out for the bright lights of big cities, working in Japan for five years, and New York City for eight. She returned to her family's farm in 2001 and was part of the grassroots group that founded The Land Connection. Terra knows that Illinois has some of the best farmers and farmland in the world. Although local food infrastructure must be rebuilt, and farmer and consumer awareness raised, she and The Land Connection are revitalizing the local food system by helping farmers raise delicious, healthy food in a way that is good for the air, water, soil, and all living things. * Farmers, supporters, and staff from The Land Connection will jointly administer the Central Illinois Farm Beginningsï¾™ Program with Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant and Leslie Cooperband of the University of Illinois. The co-administrators of the program serve under the guidance and pleasure of the Central Illinois Farm Beginnings program Steering Committee and its member farmers. For more information contact The Land Connection at: You can fax The Land Connection at 847-570-0711.
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