Workhorse Farms

According to Debby Fassman - Workhorse Farms of Nescopeck, PA has been providing grass fed beef to families since 1989. We offer custom cut mixed quarters, halves and whole beef. To ensure that we have enough beef for September/October, we request that orders for our beef be placed early in the year. Our beef comes from prime, healthy young cattle raised on pasture grasses. Not only does this make our beef lean and tender, but it also has a rich flavor. To ensure that our beef maintains its best flavor and has a long storage life, it is aged, vacuum packaged and flash frozen at our butcher.We also make available to our customers the delicious flavor of the pastured pork that your grandparents knew and loved. Our production is different from most other pig farms which gives our pork that old fashioned taste. Our pigs are allowed to roam freely in our lush grass pastures, socialize, and engage in instinctive pig behaviors such as rooting, wallowing, and foraging. Workhorse Farms has been using sustainable farming practices since 1985. As a family, we don't believe that things such as artificial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics belong in our food supply. That is why we don't use these things on our farm. For more information contact Workhorse Farms at:
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P.O. Box 524
Nescopeck, PA 18635
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