Making Spring Happen at Barbette

I won’t even begin to discuss the weather this past week -- gray, cold, spitting rain, and even (gasp) snow? Is this fair for Minnesotans? No. Is this normal for Minnesotans? Well, I hate to say it, but yes. And yet, every year we seem to forget what we should never forget: April isn’t really spring. It can be lovely, in bits and snatches here and there with the longer days and the ever-so-slightly warmer sun, but mostly, April reserves the right to be cold and ornery.


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Consider Giving Local, Organic, Fair Trade Gifts This Holiday Season

My cousin recently called me up to ask me what her family should get my dad for his birthday. I have a hard enough time figuring out what to get him myself, let alone telling other people what to get him. But then she told me that they were going with consumables as gifts from now on because the members of our family can sometimes be hard to shop for. It occurred to me (although people have been doing this forever) that this was a smart idea.

As the holiday season approaches and the search begins for gifts for those hard-to-shop-for people, consider keeping that idea in mind -- with local, organic, fair trade, and delicious treats. Here are just a few possibilities to get the ball rolling on the shopping list.

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What a Great Time We Had at Barbette!

Last night's Fulton Beer Dinner at Barbette was spectacular. Chef Kevin Kathman mixed local foods with sustainably sourced seafood options that helped show off some of the best micro-brews in town. When we sat down, guests were treated to a short discussion about the importance of good food and community, followed by Heather McDougall's introduction of Share Project, a sustainability-focused start-up recently launched by Heather and her brother John. 

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Please Come to Our Awesome Local Food Event September 21 at Barbette

Truth be told, we're having a little bit of a hard time over here figuring our what we're most excited about.

On the one hand, we're big fans of Barbette, a French-influenced restaurant owned by Kim Bartmann (who also owns the Red Stag Supper Club and Bryant Lake Bowl) that's been serving up delicious local food in Minneapolis' Uptown area for years.

On the other hand, we're also big fans of Fulton Beer, a Minneapolis brewery that's been wowing our taste buds since we were first introduced in 2009.

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July Simple, Good, and Tasty Dinner Tonight at the Red Stag Supper Club

Here are the details for tonight's dinner:

Where: Red Stag Super Club, Minneapolis ( 7/29, 7:00Cost: $35 for 3 course meal, not including tax, tip, or boozeContact the Red Stag: 509 1st Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, 612.767.7766Contact me:

And here's a sneak peek at the menu, just to get you excited:

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Terrific Toast and Taste in the Gardens

The Strip Club's JD Fratzke and me

The Strip Club's JD Fratzke and me

I was totally surprised by how much fun I had at Toast and Taste at the U of M Landscape Arboretum last night. My friend Jon and I were glad to have changed into clean clothes before we arrived - the place was absolutely beautiful, and everyone looked great. We were greeted by a tuba duet and the gracious Arboretum staff who sent us on our merry way, armed with a map and a couple of wine glasses.

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