feeding the circus

A Community of Nations: Cooking for Cirque du Soleil

Upon arrival at the Cirque du Soleil bigtop, you become a kid again. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having, the transformation is instant. Awe and wonder, curiosity and respect. Overall, it is surely a sense of largeness. That is exactly what was going on in my mind as I made my way through security and into the Cirque du Soleil grounds. As I waited for my escort, I noted the many large blue and yellow tents as well as the 24 flags that represent the nationalities of all of the performers. I had been invited to meet the chef in charge of feeding all of these bellies from around the world and I wondered which tent I would be led to. When I was led past all of the huge tents into an area that more resembled a construction zone, full of semi trailers, I began to get a small glimpse of the realities of a traveling show.

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