matzah ball soup

Simple, Good, and Tasty Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

By popular demand (2 requests qualify, IMHO), here's my matzo ball soup recipe. It comes from In the Jewish Tradition: A Year of Festivities and Foods, a terrific cookbook by Judith B. Fellner that I got from my friend Anne a few years ago. The book has loads of new takes on traditional Jewish foods, and most things are relatively easy to make. The matzo ball soup certainly qualifies as simple, good, and tasty.

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The Sustainable Passover Seder

I had a blast at my good friends' Passover Seder last night. Awesome people, an exciting story ("Let my people go!" Moses demands each year), and terrific food. My wife and I made the matzo ball soup again this year, this time a more local, organic version - free range chickens, organic chicken broth, home-made matzo balls (with locally raised cage-free eggs, all from The Wedge Co-op) - and even the kids asked for more.

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