mn state fair 2011

The Minnesota State fair is coming!

This year, the Minnesota State fair runs from august 25th-september 2, and Simple, Good and Tasty plans to be there. Although we may decide to run something on healthy eating at the fair, it is more likely that we plan to loosen our belts and enjoy. If there is one time of year to stop worrying and focus on those sinful treats that make your mouth water, this is it (ok...there is also thanksgiving, the winter holidays, 4th of july, etc. etc.) Food, healthy or unhealthy, should at least make you happy.

Avoid the state fair, like the plague? Then this is your way to get a few snippets of what is happening without the necessary antacids, tonics or cleansers. No need to thank us...its our job! For a primer on what the fairs offers from chocolate covered jalapenos to pizza on a stick, check out the MN state fair "food finder".

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