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Simple, Enlightening, and Tasty Earth Day Community Dinner at the Birchwood

Last Sunday night's Earth Day Community Dinner at the Birchwood Cafe was an event for the ages.

It wasn't just the food that made it that way, although the exceptional four-course menu (and appetizers) created by chef Marshall Paulsen featured pork belly, fiddle head ferns, beef tongue, and more (most foods purchased directly from local farmers). It wasn't just the music performed by Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers either, although that was terrific too. It wasn't just the lovely dining room, which was decked out with the Birchwood's Sunday best.

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Telepan NYC Delights the Local Food Lover in Me

 Jeremy Liebman, New York MagazinePhoto Credit: Jeremy Liebman, New York MagazineAlthough I grew up in New York - or, more likely, because I grew up in New York - I don't have very many oportunities to choose where I eat when I get back there. I'm not complaining - my trips are (happily) centered around friends and family, and my desire to sample the finest local food restaurants in town hasn't been a high enough priority.

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