Cafe Agri in the Star Tribune

From Rick Nelson's review of Cafe Agri in today's Star Tribune:

Buzzwords -- and you can toss "vegan" and "gluten-free" into the pile -- are big at Cafe Agri. Thank goodness. The Twin Cities metro area doesn't have enough restaurants paying attention to these small-but-significant segments of the dining-out populace. The restaurant is an earnest, well-meaning effort. Could it be better? Sure. Is it a good start? Absolutely. agri3 I haven't been to Cafe Agri yet, although I pass it often on my way to work. It strikes me as a beautiful place, super neighborhoody and well intentioned. I love the fact that they're taking a healthy approach to eating out, that they're paying attention to dietary restrictions.

When my celiac father-in-law comes over for dinner tomorrow night, I'll ask if he's game to try a local place that will survive and thrive by serving people like him, people who are tired of having to ask each server in each restaurant if the soy sauce has wheat in it, or whatever. I'll post a review of Cafe Agri as soon as I have the chance to eat there. In the meantime, please let me know if you've been there by adding a comment or your own review.

You can find Cafe Agri here: 4300 Bryant Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 612 822 3101