Joined a CSA!

After finishing Michael Pollan's amazing new(est) book, In Defense of Food (which will be reviewed in a later post), my wife Laura and I decided that Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, was right for us. Our neighbors, who read Barbara Kingsover's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food (also to be reviewed later) instead, were way ahead of us. We'd been enjoying locally grown foods (kale, turnips, cheeses - we live in Minneapolis!) at their home for months, so we knew they would have already researched the options. After some consideration, we joined Harmony Valley Farm, a CSA based closer to Madison, WI, but doing a good deal of business in the Twin Cities. Here's a picture of the farm from their web site: aerialfarm The advantages of Harmony Valley were many for us - we already knew what we'd be getting, that it was high quality, locally grown food, that we were supporting a strong local business. Not only that, we could share recipes and pickups with our neighbors. The cost of annual membership is comparable to what we would spend on vegetables at the grocery anyway. Laura and I are excited for our first shipment in March, to see what comes, to figure out what to do with it, to teach our kids the value of locally grown food, and to push ourselves to cook healthier foods.