Fair Food Fight

fairfoodfight1 I'm just checking out - and totally loving - the site Fair Food Fight. The whole site is designed like a circus featuring a three ring wrestling match. Here's what it says on their Why We Fight page:

How does it make you feel when you find out that that Monsanto is suing the pants off family farmers for saving seeds? That Procter and Gamble can be certified as a "fair trade" company? Did you know that Dagobah organic chocolate is owned by Hershey's now? That Kellogg's owns Gardenburger, and that Cascadian Farm is really General Mills? You do know that organic companies are getting gobbled up like bar snacks, don't you? Did you know that Big Organic food manufacturers worked a back room deal in Congress so that non-organic ingredients can be used in USDA certified organic foods under "emergency situations"? How about this? Did you know that millionaire corn farmers get subsidized by tax dollars? Or that American farmers are planting more corn than ever and Americans are consuming four times as much corn sweetener as they did a generation ago? Did you know that the cost of soda and crappy fast food has been plummeting in real dollars while the cost of fruits and veggies has been skyrocketing? Did you know the US Farm Bill promotes that? Doesn't that just piss you off to no end?

Yes. it does! Fair Food Fight aims to uncover the bad guys and protect and promote good, local farmers in pursuit of theses benefits:

  1. better choices to shoppers,
  2. safer, healthier food
  3. a thriving, independent rural class, worldwide

They're looking for "food fighters" (of which I'm now one). The site is a little bit hard to absorb, what with the exclamation points and blaring colors, but there's a lot that's great here, and lots of fun. I'm proud be be in the midst of the food fight.