Michael Pollan Wants Your Help

pollanI think if I skpped the whole Minneapolis thing and just wrote about Michael Pollan, I'd still be a busy man. This is from the Well page. In Pollan's words:

In recent years, we’ve deferred to the voices of science and industry when it comes to eating, yet often their advice has served us poorly, or has merely confirmed the wisdom of our grandmother after the fact. “Eat your colors,” an Australian reader’s grandmother used to tell her; now we hear the same advice from nutritionists, citing the value of including as many different phytochemicals in the diet as possible.

Pollan's books make clear how he feels about nutritionists, lobbyists, and food scientists - their advice won't serve us nearly as well as looking at the eating habits of long-lasting cultures will. To that end, Pollan is collecting food rules - things you learned from your Grandmother, eating habits you got from the old world, etc. - and will be posting them on his website. It's a great way for him to engage his readers and follow a few of his own rules at the same time. I'm looking forward to seeing what people send him.