Alice Waters on 60 Minutes and

Alice Waters of Chez Panisse was featured on 60 Minutes this week. Not just for "the Prius driving, latte-sipping upper crust," Alice Waters feels that good, local food should be for everyone. Good food is not a privilege, Waters says, it's a right. "The way that we're eating," she says, "is making us sick... everyone deserves this [good, healthy] food." Here's the 12 minute clip from 60 Minutes: Watch CBS Videos Online Alice Waters is a polarizing figure in many ways. Good food is (in some ways) like a religion, and Waters is a terrific, passionate evangelist. And like religion, those of us who eat local, sustainable food feel that the many benefits are so obvious that we want to share them with the world. Waters has arguably done more for the good food movement than anyone in the past 20+ years. It still seems crazy to me that the idea of eating good, local food should have people up in arms, but the world is a crazy place. The 60 Minutes segment touches on all sorts of great stuff - organic food, local food, sustainable food, slow food - and features several great scenes, including Waters cooking breakfast (she doesn't have a microwave!). I recommend it highly to anyone who's interested in local, sustainable food or the slow food movement. Tara Parker-Pope also has a blog about the 60 Minutes segment on Deifintely worth reading the comments on that blog as well, especially for a view of people's reactions to Waters and her work.