Mix My Granola: The Review

mix-my-granny12 days after I placed my order, my custom-mixed granola arrived in the mail. I quickly opened the box, revealing a sleek white container emblazoned with the company logo. I had already been impressed by the selection of ingredients on the website (including organic muesli, dried papaya, organic flax seeds, and chocolate espresso beans) and the packaging of the food. Now I just needed to try what was inside.

My mix includes the following: organic granola, organic dates, organic dried apples, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds, hemp seeds, oat bran flakes, organic coconut shreds, and (the packaging tells me) "lots of LOVE."

As I created my mix, the website automatically updated the nutrition information, including calories (255), fat (12g), and dietary fiber (6g) per serving. It's a very slick experience. So how is the product? Really, really excellent, I'm happy to say. Of course, if you choose not to get one of the company's pre-mixed granola options (and really, why would you?), the combination of flavors will be up to you. But the ingredients are good, and they taste like real foods. The dried apples are fresh and soft, the hemp seeds crisp and crunchy. The coco shreds make my granola sweet and a little bit chewy, just like I like it.

If the company could find a way to make the freshly mixed granola stick together in clumps, it would also make a great movie snack. At nearly $14 (depending on the ingredients you choose) plus shipping,, costs about the same as other boutique granola. It's a bit spendy to eat everyday, but it would make a perfect gift. I'll just need to stop eating it long enough to give it to somebody.

Note: Although Mix My Granola uses loads of great organic ingredients, it is not an organic-only company, and they don't exclusively use local or sustainable foods.