I continue to find all sorts of great information and links from the Every Kitchen Table blog by Rob Smart. One ofobamafoodorama my new favorites is Obamafoodorama, a blog dedicated to the First Family and the foodies who surround them. Who knew how perfect a fit that White House Garden was? Turns out it was just the tip of the iceberg! Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is a foodie who loves local, sustainable food and belongs to a Chicago CSA. And his older brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, chief White House advisor on health care, appears on The Atlantic's new Food Channel. You probably already knew that last week, Obama created a Food Safety Group, saying that, "...protecting the safety of our food and drugs is one of the most fundamental responsibilities government has." But have you gotten the recipe for the no cream creamed spinach that the Obamas' enjoy? Didn't think so. Obamafoodorama is a lot of fun, and balances its more heady posts with some silliness. Check it out.