Local Coffee Beans - in Minnesota

Today's Star Tribune reports that John and Maggie Torsvald of Dawson, Minnesota (about 50 miles west of Montevideo) have been growing coffee on their organic farm for more than 30 years. From the Star Tribune:

Torsvald claims to have perfected his unusual coffee growing method by following well-known processes related to the growth of Arabica coffee beans in subtropical regions. "My Daddy always told me to follow my own path," Torsvald explains, "and the Internet showed me that it's possible to get and grow anything I want. Anything's possible these days, you just gotta dream." A trip to Dawson, Minnesota confirms that Torsvald's Rube Goldberg-esque combination of heating lamps, along with a proprietary drip-irrigation system developed in conjunction with the University of Chicago, allows the coffee farmer to simulate the climate of the Minas Gerias region of Brazil. Torsvald currently provides organic coffee beans to friends and family alone, but he believes the time is right to expand. "I can't imagine why not," he explains, "some of the best coffee I've ever had was grown right here in my backyard."

UPDATE: Hilarious April Fool's Day joke revealed: I made this up!