Thousand Hills Cattle Company: Grass Feed, Midwestern Beef

One of my favorite things about writing the Simple, Good, and Tasty blog so far is that I get to share information about people and companies that are working hard to do something good for themselves, their families, and their communities. In this era of Wall Street meltdowns, executive bonus pay, and general economic unrest (among other things), it feels good to think about doing our bodies and communities good, eating local, sustainable foods from sources that are nearby and recognizable.

So I really like thinking about Thousand Hills Cattle Company, a company headquartered in Cannon Falls, MN, whose beef is raised on co-op family farms across the Midwest (MN, IA, WI, NE, SD), and then shipped to the nearest, best food stores for healthy consumption. The benefits of grass fed beef are many, and many of you are likely to know them already. But for those who are not yet familiar or need a refresher, here are just a few:

  • thousand-hills-logo1Taste: Grass fed beef is tender and juicy, savory and lean.
  • Health: Grass fed beef has more Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E than grain fed beef. It's also lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories. The chances of getting E. coli from a grass fed beef are much smaller as well.
  • Humanity: Cattle raised on grass are fed what nature wants them to eat, what their bodies are made for. Their meat tastes better because they are not eating chemicals, because they are free to roam, and because they live to grow in natural ways, rather than being force fed and confined.

When cooked right (grass fed beef should be cooked slowly, on low heat), Thousand Hills Cattle Company beef is fantastic, from t-bone steaks to the hot dogs I feed my kids. For those of you who want more information, many articles about Thousand Hills Cattle Company can be found here on their site. You can buy Thousand Hills Cattle Company grass fed beef at loads of Twin Cities gourmet supermarkets (Byerly's and Lunds, Kowalski's, The Wedge, Seward Co-op, Whole Foods, etc.) or you can order it directly on their website, in a range of packages available for between $90 and $380 (the quanitites are large!).