Notes from the Mill City Farmers Market

The good women from Very Prairie

I was lucky to make it to the Mill City Farmers Market this past Saturday May 9, opening day (which I first wrote about here). The air was cool and crisp, full of hope and other tasty things. And despite a notable shortage of fresh Minnesota grown produce (only one or two stands selling fresh asparagus and a few other items, for obvious (seasonal) reasons), there were plenty of tasty local foods to sample and buy. Here are a few highlights from my visit:

  • Talking with Ann Yin, owner of D'lish, a super-cool local market in downtown Minneapolis that sells mostly local, sustainable foods, including Hope Creamery butter and Gourmet Thyme's Signature Cayenne Shortbread (both of which I purchased).
  • Sharing war stories (and scoring samples) with the women from Very Prairie, who make amazing gourmet graham crackers, cheeses, and marshmallows of all flavors.
  • Sampling tasty Cafe Palmira coffee, grown in Guatemala and roasted in St. Louis Park, MN.
  • Chatting it up with Grandma Viv, before leaving the market with her homemade bran muffins and banana bread for my kids.

Grandma Viv

I'm looking forward to visiting the market throughout the summer and to writing more about the foods I find and the people who make them.