Fresh & Local Radio Show Keeps it "Home Grown"

freshandlocalEvery Saturday at 8:00 am, the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association presents Fresh & Local, a fun, local MN food show on AM950. Here's what it says on their webpage (located on the Minneapolis Farmers Market website):

Join long time local food advocate, Susan Berkson and the Minnesota herb lady, Bonnie Dehn, as they explore the realm of fresh and local foods. Each week Susan and Bonnie will interview local growers and experts to discuss things you need to know about nutrition, gardening practices and what to look for when buying healthier foods. During the Twin Cities' chef segment, they will interview chefs who believe in buying local and using the freshest foods. And, Susan and Bonnie will also be giving their "Produce Pick of the Week". freshandlocal1

The first 2 shows - aired on May 16 and 23 - were fun, homey, passionate conversations, featured Lucia's Lucia Watson, The Craftsman's Mike Phillips, and local food legend/reviewer Jeremy Iggers, and included information about local foods and the history of the Minneapolis Farmers Market. You can hear excerpts from past radio shows at the Fresh & Local site. Please give Susan and Bonnie a listen. FYI - I'm scheduled to be on the Fresh & Local radio show on August 22.