FRESH Showing in Minneapolis THIS WEEK

fresh2Just one more pitch for the awesome-looking food movie FRESH, which has 3 showings in Minneapolis this week:

  • Tuesday, June 2, 6:30 at Bryant Lake Bowl (movie and panel discussion SOLD OUT)
  • Tuesday, 6/2, 9:30 at Bryant Lake Bowl - some tickets still available for $10 (no panel discussion)
  • Wednesday, 6/3, 7:00 at the Riverview Theater - tickets to movie and a different panel discussion available for $10 at the FRESH website or at the Birchwood Cafe, which is sponsoring the screening, the discussion, and an after-party at the cafe.

The FRESH website features a terrific blog entry by filmmaker ana Sofia joanes describing why she made the movie and what she learned throughout the process. Here's a short excerpt: I first started thinking about making Fresh after reading a three-part article in the New Yorker about global warming four years ago. I had been avoiding reading the series, the way I try really hard to ignore the news. I figured I knew about global warming, and didn’t want to feel scared and guilty about how little I did to combat it, or how much I contributed to the problem. The article’s dire exposé of the complexity and extent of the problems we’re facing left me feeling, like so much of the news, a powerless and hopeless observer, watching the world spiraling towards its inevitable destruction. And helplessness, for me at least, (almost always) translates into inaction. So I embarked on the making of Fresh to recapture a sense of agency, a belief that my individual actions do in fact matter. Initially, I intended to document the urgency of the global warming crisis, hoping to scare others and myself into action. Instead, I encountered the most inspiring people, ideas, and initiatives. Who knew that we already had the solutions to so many of our problems, and that some of us were already hard at work implementing them? Instead of the despair and inaction unwittingly fostered by the media, these examples of change suggested a very different perspective, that life is an indivisible network in which every node is critical, that each one of us is creating the world we are living in, and that the process of creating it is what gives us meaning and pleasure. I'm extremely excited to see the film and to meet ana Sofia joanes. You can read the rest of her post at the FRESH website.