Unpeeled: A Living Beverage

unpeeled Unpeeled is a probiotic beverage, which means (from their website): Unpeeled is a 100% naturally cultured (kombucha) green tea with cold-pressed fresh crushed, raw ingredients, then barrel-aged to maximize nutritional value (probiotics) and to promote a fresh, crisp, smooth flavor. The brainchild of a former NASA wastewater engineer, Unpeeled claims the following benefits:

  • [Better] Digestion – ... Fermented foods promote healthy microorganisms in our GI (Gastrointestinal) tract, regulate the level of pH in the GI tract and act as antioxidants, A healthy GI tract is critical for a strong immune system.
  • Better Nutrition – Fermented foods produce beneficial enzymes that allow our bodies to absorb more nutrition from the foods we eat. Fermented foods contain isothiocyanates found in whole unheated vegetables and therefore help fight and prevent some diseases. Unpeeled provides your body with whole food nutrition that helps support the body’s natural energy.

unpeeled1Mostly, I buy the spiel: I believe that Unpeeled is good for me, and I'm pretty sure my body feels happier after I've had one. Having tried both citrus and ginger flavors, I can tell you that Unpeeled sure tastes healthy. Tart and crisp, with all sorts of good things floating around in it, Unpeeled is not a good choice if you were expecting a Snapple. It also costs about $2.75. Unpeeled is produced and distributed in St. Paul, MN. It is available at Whole Foods, Seward Co-op, The Wedge, and other fine, gourmet Twin Cities stores.