Understanding the Farm Bill: Tracing Out the Corn Subsidies

Every once in a while, someone sends us something great. This is one of those times. Driven by her desire to simplify the massive Farm Bill, Sasha Breger Bush, a PhD based in Denver, CO (her bio and photo are below) set out to create a tool to help people understand the corn subsidies and their far-reaching impact in our food system and economy.

The header image for this post shows just a piece of what Sasha calls a Corn Subsidies Traceout, providing a brief history of the subsidies, and showing us in a clear, linear fashion how they impact our health, our wallet, our community, and our backyards (you can read another recent article about the commodity programs here). We're grateful to Sasha for her terrific work. Please take a look.

Click this link to download a pdf file of the Corn Subsidies Traceout.

Click this link for a list of the sources used to compile this document.

Sasha Breger Bush lives in Denver, CO with her husband Bill, and enjoys organic gardening, cooking, eating, live music, books and camping. Sasha has a PhD in International Studies, and teaches economics and international relations at the Colorado College and University of Denver.