Taking the Torch

Simple, good and tasty? What better words to describe what food should be. I am all too excited and grateful to be taking on the challenge of continuing the dialogue that Lee Zukor has started with this food blog/resource that is Simple, Good, and Tasty. My hope is that I can continue to provide access to insightful articles and useful resources for Minnesotans and food lovers everywhere. Although Lee will continue his interest, writing and support for SGT, I know that it will be you, the subscibers and contributors, who will help keep the website alive and vibrant.

My mission is to continue to put a spotlight on all of the amazing farmers, chefs and restauranteurs that make up our Minnesota food community, which includes those trying to make a change at a grassroots or governmental level. I hope to provide entertaining reading and interesting recipes and ideas based on our local and seasonal products.  All in all, this is a great opportunity to bring people together to enjoy the adventure that is food without any expectations, but just a willingness to have fun and experiment and learn...then ultimately to share.


That being said, as I begin a long road of learning, please feel free to contribute, comment and question. Give feedback and praise. Send coffee and food. Support those who support us. But most of all, continue to buy local food and support our outstanding local chefs and farmers. Let’s keep the discussion alive as we all strive to keep food real and take the power away from those who attempt to turn it into a compromised commodity where price is the only consideration.


It is certain that you will see some new faces, hear some new names and wonder about what is going on behind the scenes. I hope that the trust established will continue to be given and that you know that our goal is: To keep food pure and close to home, which means that all of you involved are family, sharing ideas around our virtual table.


For the first few months, little will change and the focus will be on content and making personal connections with all of you, whose names I know, but whose voices I have yet to hear in person. To begin the process of getting acquainted, I have teamed up with Karl at Cook’s of Crocus Hill to throw a little Simple, Good and Tasty meet and greet. This will be your opportunity to talk to me about what the Simple, Good, and Tasty community means to you. Consider it a chance to share your excitement and relay any anxieties. A time to openly tell us what you think could be better. Finally, I have to admit, that this is another in a long line of excuses to drink some wine, eat and chat about food together.

Thanks in advance!


Please let us know if you wish to attend or have any questions. This is a free event and if you are reading this, you are invited. Contact: to let us know you wish to attend. 

Location: Cooks of Crocus Hill, Grand Avenue location.

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 28. 6:00 pm until 8:00 or so.

What: Wine, food, chitter, chatter.

Who: Writers, editors, contributors, readers, eaters.


Lawrence Black is a writer and managing editor at Simple, Good and Tasty.  He can be reached at