Marnita's Table -- Food, Shelter, Clothing Event

Once again, we have stumbled upon an event that seems like a can't miss. An opportunity to learn, eat and dance, not to mention to have an impact upon real issues that effect real people. Just listen to the Mission statement for Marnita's Table and tell me that you aren't immediately intrigued, captivated and inspired:

Our Mission:

Igniting enduring cross-cultural connections through intentional social interaction, Marnita’s Table was founded to break down the barriers of race, class and culture in order to build authentic, positive and productive relationships. 


We have created a new model for direct dialogue between the traditionally powerless and the powerful, leading to new, effective connections in order to deliver socially just systems change. We literally provide everyone a seat at the table for peer-to-peer exchange and collaboration. 


This particular fundraiser is an annual event and focuses on assisting the food and housing insecure. The funds will help civic and business leaders not just understand the issues at hand, but will help to bring solutions to the table. As with all Marnita's Table events, conversation is at the center of everything. Be prepared to say goodbye to small talk and actually engage each other. This is about connecting not just resources, but people. 

I love the main tenets of Marnita's table. They want to do everything with intention. This isn't willy-nilly, but instead the conversations and gatherings have a definite purpose. They also believe in measurable outcomes. All too often, folks can get together, chat about all of the great things they would like to do and then leave with nothing coming from the gathering. I love the idea that they follow up the intention with real measurable results. This speaks volumes about why they have been so successful over the past 5 years.

Finally, there is food and fun. Who can't get on board with those ideals? When you get people to gather together, food is the ultimate binder. We here at Simple, Good and Tasty know do the folks over at Marnita's table. 

So, what is on the menu for this particular event? The teaser in the media release I received was dangerously inviting. "Three incredible cross-cultural feasts featuring haute street foods from around the world, wine bar, and smoothie bar." Then, dessert and dancing. Ok, sold.

Here are the details:

Time: Saturday, November 5th.

7-9 pm for dinner and conversation

9-11 pm dessert and dancing (led by the Youth Advisory Board of Marnita's Table)

Tickets: $75, available at

Dance party youth tickets available for $20.

Place: St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church

3450 Irving Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

If you have any questions, go to the event page here and you will find contact/email info.


Please share this event and help build community, implement change, start a conversation!


Lawrence Black is a writer and editor at 
Simple, Good and Tasty.  He can be reached at