Time For Reflection

Ahh yes! It is that time of year when we rush, rush, rush and then finally, with a sigh, settle down. The quiet and peace always seems more profound after the push to get to the actual holidays and hopefully, some time off. 

At Simple, Good and Tasty we are grateful for such a wonderful community who cares about good food, equality, fairness, learning, sharing and togetherness. I have learned many profound lessons from my time running this website from the amazing writers, generous sponsors and you, the readers. I hope to amplify this throughout the next year by bringing more in-depth articles and stories to give help and hope. 

Between the holidays, we will be taking a break from publishing new work to focus on our vision and goals for the new year (not to mention writing our brains out to try and catch up). I invite you to take time and catch up on the past couple of weeks' articles (like farmer Robin's adventure with pigs) to see what you may have missed during this busy time. We also welcome you to give your feedback and share what you would like to see during the next year with us. Send your input to:

Thanks to you, our loyal readers. Be well, be good to each other (no matter what) and peace be with you.