The goal of Simple, Good, and Tasty is to help people make good food choices.

Good food is produced in ways that nourish our bodies, our society, and our planet. For us, good food is often:

  • Local
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Fair-trade
  • Healthy
  • Humane
  • Affordable
  • Accessible

Many of us shop at grocery stores, co-ops, farmers markets, and online. Some of us live in small towns, where food choices can be more limited. Some of us know some of our farmers personally, but will never know all of them. Lots of us want to support our local growers but are not willing to give up coffee, chocolate, rice, and other foods we love that cannot be produced locally. When we buy these products, we want to make the best good food choice we can.

For some of us, a carrot must be local, organic, and in-season. For others, the choice of any kind of carrot represents a good food choice. There are times when good food simply means that we make the best decisions we can given our circumstances.

Simple, Good, and Tasty helps people make good food choices by promoting humane, fair-trade, local, sustainable, healthy, and organic foods and the people who produce them. We publish articles, maintain listings, host community events (crop mobs, book clubs, fixed price dinners), offer discounts, and more. 

Simple, Good, and Tasty is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why Simple, Good, and Tasty?

The way our culture views food says a lot about what we value. At Simple, Good, and Tasty, we value:

  • Health - Local, organic, fresh, unprocessed food helps us live longer, healthier lives.
  • Fun - Sustainable food is fun to eat and makes us happy. Good food is an experience and an exploration. We love to grow, eat, and cook our own food.
  • Community - Eating with people forces us to slow down and appreciate each other. We also love to explore new restaurants, food, and people.
  • Inclusiveness - Good food should be accessible to everyone. Every single locally grown meal makes a difference to our lives and our environment. Simple, Good, and Tasty is for people who are “in the know,” but also for people who just want to learn more, and might be exploring the very basics.
  • Time - Good food is worth the time it takes to grow, to prepare, and to eat.
  • Money - Local, sustainable food can be more expensive to produce because it takes time, and because the people who grow it earn a living wage. Good food is absolutely worth the extra money.
  • Taste - We will never trade delicious foods for healthy ones. We’re convinced we can have both.