January 2013

Co-op on a Budget: The Value of Education

This is the fouth post in our Co-op on a Budget series, which explores the different ways that we can shop co-op effectively and affordably. Also check out the first post, on shopping bulkthe second post, on the Wedge Co-op vs. Cub Foods, and the third post, on Eastside Food Co-op vs. Rainbow.

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Behind the CSA Box: Adventures in Farming

This is the first post in a new SGT series that looks at CSA – community supported agriculture – from the farmer’s perspective.


People come to farming from different directions. Some grow up on farms, lugging around seed bags and feed buckets just after their first steps, while others are drawn to the profession later in life, as if it's an avocation they can no longer resist. My partner, Karla Pankow, and I are definitely of the latter group. In 2011, we started our own farming venture, Bossy Acres, and kicked off our first full season last year.


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SGT January Book Club: Come Discuss Wendell Berry on January 30th

The SGT Book Club is back, and we want you to come join us! We will be meeting at the Linden Hills Co-op on Wednesday, January 30th from 6:30 - 8 p.m. to discuss the legendary farmer, writer, and activist Wendell Berry. Berry's writing is not only beautiful, but also incredibly thought-provoking; he does not pull any punches when it comes to his (very strong) beliefs about our society. We would love to see you at what is sure to be an engaging discussion.


For the January book club, we'll be reading Bringing it to the Table: On Farming and Food, an anthology of many of Berry's best-known and best-loved essays. But if reading a whole book is too much for you (and we know it's short notice), we've also found some essays that are available in full online (free) that will give you a good taste of Berry's writing: 

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Wellness Wednesdays at the Linden Hills Co-op

Everyone knows about the new-year, new-you mindset. I mean the idea that, come January 1st of the New Year, we will all dedicate ourselves to becoming radically better people. We will make lists of things we plan to change about ourselves or do differently, and swear that we will “really be committed this time.” Yes, New Year’s resolutions. And for better or worse, Americans make them every year.


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Crio Brü: Cocoa That You Brew Just Like Coffee

Crio Brü

Editor’s Note: This is a review of a new product available at the Wedge Co-op. The Wedge gave us two flavors of Crio Brü for review.

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Co-op on a Budget: Eastside Food Co-op vs. Rainbow

This is the third post in our Co-op on a Budget series, which explores the different ways that we can shop co-op effectively and affordably. Also check out the first post, on shopping bulk and the second post, on the Wedge Co-op vs. Cub Foods.


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The Latin Tongue: Maya Cuisine

This is the latest post in our Latin Tongue series, which explores Latin eateries in the Twin Cities area. Check out the first article for the ground rules and a running list of restaurants we've covered.


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Stored Solar Greenhouse Supplies Local Salad Greens from Fall to Early Spring

It started with a roadtrip from Southeastern Minnesota, headed west, nearly to the South Dakota border. My sister, Liz Belina, a curious and inventive gardener, had already created a very productive series of raised garden beds outside her back door in rural Peterson, Minnesota. But Liz is a gardener who looks for ways to push the limits of her Zone 4 climate. So when she heard about a tour of an energy-efficient winter greenhouse – one that could be built with materials readily available from a hardware store, heated almost exclusively with stored passive solar energy, and allow her to grow salad greens all winter long – she had to know more.


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The Meal Plan Game Plan

Meal Planning with Kids

The new year is beginning! How many of us are contemplating what we want to do differently in 2013? If you are the primary cook for your household, or one of the primary cooks, you may be looking for ways to cook more at home. I don’t know about you, but while I am the primary cook, cooking is not primarily what I do – I  have to fit in all my other roles (mother, wife, daughter, friend, worker, etc.) during the day, too. One tool that can make it easier to cook at home is knowing ahead of time what you are cooking. Planning out the meals for the week definitely helps me when 5:30 rolls around and the family starts milling around looking hungry.   


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