Wolf Lake Farm

According to Nate and Kristen Johanson - At Wolf Lake Farm our passion is high quality, healthy food that brings back the old fashioned, mouth-watering taste of a pasture-raised bird. We utilize holistic farming practices that enrich both the soil and the lives of our animals. This enables us to preserve the tradition of a small farm bringing fresh, wholesome food to its local community from a clean, safe and humane environment. At Wolf Lake Farm we never use antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, herbicides or pesticides - period.Our poultry are raised outdoors where they can enjoy clean air and sunshine. We use unique bottomless field shelters that are moved daily allowing the birds to feast upon fresh grasses and bugs. In addition to this natural forage, they are fed a custom ground mix of local grains, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to enhance and balance their diet. This method of raising pastured poultry results in meat and eggs of superior flavor and nutrients that goes beyond "organic. For more information contact Wolf Lake Farm at:
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318 Wolf Lake Road
New Alexandria, PA 15670
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