Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm and Gift Shop

We have 100 Bison at this time. We hope to have well over 135 by the end of summer with all of the new calves that will be born this spring and early summer. Small farms like ours are springing up across America, preserving and ensuring the Buffalo's future and providing you, the American public, with a healthy choice?for an all-natural hormone and antibiotic-free red meat alternative. If you buy naturally raised, grass fed Bison that is USDA federally inspected and handled properly, buying radiated beef is not necessary unless you want to glow. Our Bison are processed under USDA inspection at Grettler's Meats in Girard, PA professionally vacuumed-sealed and labeled for proper freshness and appearance so you can see what you are buying. Wooden Nickel also has an on-site restaurant, The Buffalo Grill, offering a peaceful, casual family-dining experience down on the farm. The Grill features healthy, farm-raised, all-natural Bison fare such as Bison Burgers, Bison Hotdogs, sausage, roast, steak dinners, homemade pies and much more. For more information contact Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm and Gift Shop at:
Phone number: 
(814) 734-28


5970 Koman Road
Edinboro, PA 16412
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