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Mallmann on Fire: Red and golden beet salad with radishes and soft-boiled eggs

mallmann dish

In honor of an upcoming Twin Cities visit by world-renowned chef Francis Mallmann, we provide this selection from his new book. Behold, the power of fire. 


This is one of the few fresh vegetable salads you can put together all through the winter. It is a favorite at my restaurant in Garzón, even in the summer. Very crunchy, very fresh. The eggs make it a complete light meal. I first had it on a trip to Australia with a number of other chefs, including David Tanis. If you don’t know David, he has had a very interesting life: For many years, he spent half the year as the chef at Chez Panisse and the other half of the year as a private chef in Paris. Now his recipes appear every week in The New York Times Dining section, and they are a highlight of my Wednesday morning reading. 


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A Day In the Life of Chef Shack: Cooking Up A Street Food Community

 It’s 4 a.m. on Saturday morning and I’m sitting behind the wheel of my car, drowsily heading to northeast Minneapolis. I’m scheduled to meet Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer, the chefs who own and operate Chef Shack, the acclaimed Twin Cities mobile kitchen. The two women have managed to create a loyal following with their gourmet fare, and they’ve agreed to let me tag along with them for a day at the market. So here I am, heading to meet them for an 11-hour day, and on just three hours of sleep, I begin to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

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