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For Beard Award Winner Alex Roberts, it’s All About Respect

Alex Roberts Photo by Kate NG SommersAlex Roberts Photo by Kate NG SommersChef Alex Roberts is a low-key kind of guy. He doesn’t yell or throw temper tantrums, a la Gordon Ramsay. He doesn't have the legendary ego of a rock star chef ("I don't feel that I'm the best at anything," he recently told the Star Tribune's Rick Nelson).

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Can There Ever Be Humane Foie Gras?

"Fat liver" is the literal translation of the French foie gras, the highly prized (by some) and much maligned (by others) food that is produced by force-feeding confined geese until their livers are 6 to 10 times their normal size. Highly prized because these fattened livers are considered a delicacy in French cuisine; and much maligned because of the animal cruelty associated with it.

But can there be such as thing as humane foie gras? Can a goose consume enough food in natural conditions to yield the "fatty, sweet, silky" taste that is so revered by foie gras aficionados?

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