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Pastureland Offers $1 Off for SGT Butter and Cheese Lovers

From the PastureLand website:

PastureLand 100% grass-fed organic dairy products are handcrafted by artisan butter and cheese makers with the milk of cows that spend their days grazing the pastures on our farms in Southeast Minnesota.

Our organic Summer Gold™ cultured butter and artisan cheeses are known for their exquisite taste and quality, and get their outstanding flavor and grass-fed nutrition from the lush pasture grasses that the cows graze from April through November.

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Creating the Perfect Local Cheese Plate

Ahhh…the power of cheese.™ Do you remember this ad campaign from the American Dairy Association? My favorite of their series of commercials was the one with the cute little red haired girl who had the invisible friend. That was before I became the cheese geek I am and came to realize how a simple selection of quality cheeses could be a guaranteed hit at any party.

The holiday season is the party season and when you’re looking for non-fuss, quick appetizer, cheese has your back.

Creating a great cheese plate is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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