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Talking Company Sponsored Gardens with Fred Haberman

It's pretty hard not to be inspired by Fred Haberman. Although he apologizes profusely - and repeatedly - during our lunch for being exhausted ("I was at the farm before 5 this morning," he says, "I'm starting to feel dizzy"), Fred is articulate and passionate as he describes Haberman's company sponsored organic farm.

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Learning to Love Kohlrabi

kohlrabi When the most recent batch of local produce came from our Harmony Valley CSA last week, my kids wanted their pictures taken with each new vegetable. My daughter's colorful dress seemed like the perfect backdrop for this beautiful purple kohlrabi, which we ate over the weekend. To my less-than-expertly-trained palate, kohlrabi - which I'd never eaten before - tastes very much like cabbage.

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Making Sense of Organic Food

organicOkay, okay - it's organic food labeling that we need help with - not the food itself. The food itself? I'll let the excellent book Real Food by Nina Planck describe it:

Organic means food was produced without synthetic fertilizer, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, and irradiation.

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Bring on the Greens: This Week's CSA/Farmshare

csabox22Thanks to Good Life Catering, I no longer fear vast quantities of rhubarb. Now that I can make a rhubarb margarita, I say "bring it on!" Thank goodness, because more rhubarb is on the way. Here's a list of what I'll be getting from my Harmony Valley CSA today, along with descriptions and advice straight from the Harmony Valley newsletter:

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Where Does Riverbend Farm's Food Go?

This 90 second video features Danny Schwartzman from Common Roots and Greg Reynolds from Riverbend Farm discussing where the food produced on the farm goes, and a bit about CSA programs, and who certifies food organic in Minnesota. Filmed on May 24, 2009 at Riverbend Farm.

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My Little Bundle of Joy

The Farms of New York City

Here's what most people in Minnesota and Nebraska and Idaho don't know and would never suspect about New York City: we are a farming town.

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Heavy Table Celebates Real Minnesota Food

heavy-table1 I'm hooked on The Heavy Table, a new online magazine that's all about Minnesota and Upper Midwestern food. From the About section of their website:

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The website, created by the Farm Aid organization, attempts to bring together all sorts of people who love food, farming, and the land. homegrownAccording to the Philosophy section of their website:

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Restaurant Alma Delights

For a city its size, Minneapolis is home to an impressive number of great restaurants, with amazing chefs focused on providing seasonal, local, sustainable Minnesota-and-Wisconsin-grown food. Add in St. Paul (which you really should, especially given the existence of Heartland, named St. Paul's best restaurant in the City Pages 2009 poll), and the number becomes almost shocking. Restaurant Alma has been quietly delighting fans of local food since 1999.

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