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The CamelBak Groove is No Mere Water Bottle: Win One and See for Yourself!

The note I received from Camelbak's PR team called their new Groove "a portable filtration device that promotes a healthy and hydrated lifestyle." By way of explanation, they wrote:

[The Groove allows you to] eliminate the purchase of disposable plastic water bottles and still get freshly filtered water – anywhere. Plus, Groove features CamelBak’s exclusive bite valve – also used by astronauts in space!

Fancy things like "portable filtration devices" make sense for astronauts, of course -- they need something to help them wash down all that freeze dried ice cream. But for the rest of us, is it possible that a plain old water bottle would suffice?

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A Fresh Start: Detox Your Kitchen

Who out there is undertaking a January detox this year? I know I am, for the 4th time in about 2 ½ years. Somewhere in our collective consciousness, the detox has become a fairly commonplace practice, giving our bodies a clean slate on which to scribe the new year. But what about the rest of your surroundings? I don’t know about you, but once I start this ritualistic stripping away of toxic baddies and enriching my diet with all of this fabulously healthy local and organic food, I wonder what else around here needs to be buffed up. A detox for the home? You know, that sounds pretty sensible. But where on earth to start?

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