Feel Like Crap?: Get shiny and bright again with a spring detox

Spring detox

Are you groggy? Stiff? Headachey? Overweight? Suffer from indigestion, sleep disturbance, or allergies? Sounds like you may suffer from what Dr. Mark Hyman refers to as FLC (Feel Like Crap) Syndrome. What if I told you that you could reverse those uncomfortable patterns naturally? 


Detoxing is a simple way to jumpstart your metabolism, boost your energy, quell disease-causing inflammation, and kick unhealthy habits that keep you feeling sick and tired.


The word detox may send shivers of fear down your spine. Let me reassure you, "detoxing" is not synonymous with "starvation" or "deprivation." In fact, detoxing can be incredibly liberating, delicious, and pleasurable. I mean, think about it, you are dedicating yourself to unabashed expressions of self-love while caring for your body in intentional, empowering ways. Doesn't just thinking about that feel so good?  


There are many ways to detox or cleanse. Here are a few strategies to consider when you are planning a detox:



Prepare yourself. Get a solid plan in place before getting started. Duh, right? I hate to admit it, but this has been the downfall of my countless attempts to detox. I go to bed with a full intention to eat clean, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugar and the next thing you know it I'm racing to the coffeeshop after lunch for a cookie and a latte. Which leads me to...


Make it a team effort. Evidence shows that we are more likely to succeed with accountability and support. Get a friend or three on board with your cleanse plan and do it together, or sign up for a group cleanse at your local yoga studio or with your trusted health coach (that's me! - stay tuned). This is more fun, anyway.


Focus on what you gain not what you restrict. Get your mindset in alignment with your goals and how you want to feel at the end of your detox. Let feeling better be your intention, not fixating on the foods or activities you avoid during your cleanse. When all else fails, remember that this detox is for a finite amount of time, not forever.


Green powerGreen power


Be controlled by your food addictions. You can beat those monsters into submission in a surprisingly short amount of time. Stick with it!


Keep your goals a secret. Tell supportive friends and family what you are up to - you're more likely to succeed.


Take on more than you can handle. Some cleansing programs are actually fasts, like the Master Cleanse, which requires that you eat nothing and drink as much of their special punch as possible for as long as possible. I don't mean to bash the Master Cleanse — it's been a powerful program for many people — but it is not be the best program to start your detoxing journey. Start where you are comfortable. 


Salad days are here againSalad days are here again

In general, I recommend cleansing twice a year: once in the spring and again in the fall. These are the times of year that our bodies shift the most and are most receptive to shedding unwanted toxins that are hanging out in our cells. In the winter, we are too damn busy staying warm and optimistic. The summer is time for celebration. These should be seasonally appropriate cleanses, too. Raw vegetables make a lot of sense in a spring cleanse when fresh, crisp foods are what are springing forth from the earth. But, squash soup is more aligned with our natural environment in autumn. 



Jesse Haas is Co-Founder of Chakra Khan, where she is a Massage Therapist and Health Coach. Her approach to working with clients integrates whole body health and conscious eating. To learn more about her practice or to schedule a free consultation, visit or email her at