Please take a look at some of these great stories written about us since our launch in March 2009.


Simple, Good, and Tasty on Twin Cities Live (Video), Twin Cities Live, July 9, 2010
Lee Zukor. Creator of the website stopped by TCL to tell us all about the success behind the blog. Since it began, about a year ago to teach people about good food, and support farmers directly. The response, according to Lee has been overwhelming!

'Crop Mobs' thrive in farmville, Star Tribune, June 23, 2010
The mobs at Riverbend Farm are "a kid-friendly, family-farm experience," said coordinator Lee Zukor, founder of a local-food website (www.simple He brings his own children, ages 8 and 5. "They love it!"

Will Tweet for Food, The Line Media, June 16, 2010
"Social media is the reason why Simple Good and Tasty went from being a blog pet project to an actual business," Zukor told us. "I didn't want to establish myself as an expert but as an evangelist and supporter who wanted to be with people thinking about good food and actively making a difference."

Love Minnesota Food? Carry the card with cachet, Star Tribune, May 26, 2010
It looks hipper than a Blockbuster membership card, and each time it's used it pumps dollars into the local foods economy. "We thought it should have a little bit of a cachet associated with it," said Zukor. "You know, carrying a card that says, 'Yes, I care about local food.'"

Good Question: How Do You Look For Pesticides? (Video), WCCO, May 20, 2010
"I think the assumption is if it's not organic, there probably are [pesticides in it]," said Zukor.

Simple, Good, and Tasty Book Club, MinnPost, April 22, 2010
Mississippi Market Co-op, in partnership with the Minneapolis-based Simple, Good, and Tasty blog, has launched a book club centered on local, organic, sustainable, fair trade, healthy food books...

Simple, Good, and Tasty's School Lunch Contest, City Pages Hot Dish Blog, March 23, 2010
A few weeks ago, Simple, Good, and Tasty founder Lee Zukor started a discussion about the low-quality of school lunches, with lots of interesting comments by parents, teachers, farmers, and at least one School Lunch Lady.

What are your kids eating for lunch? Simple, Good, and Tasty hosts a contest to find out, Live Green Twin Cities, March 15, 2010
"Each month our 'kitchen' makes between $4000-6000 selling potato chips, fruit snacks, juice boxes, and bottled water," a woman calling herself the "School Lunch Lady" wrote.  "The administrator's administrator talks about nutrition. But her bottom line is the monthly profit. That is what her monthly meetings are about."

Simple, Good, and Tasty, Girl Friday Blog, February 12, 2010
... the new-ish Simple Good and Tasty local food lovers' program is such a great concept that I just ordered up a membership. $29.00 gets you both one-time and ongoing offers at several restaurants and markets around town.


Green Gift Idea: Local Food Lovers Card from Simple, Good, and Tasty, Live Green Twin Cities, December 15, 2009
Unlike   a Lifetime hour (which is 6 in human years) of watching a simpering Tori Spelling in pom-pom-decorated ice skates, The Local Food Lover Card from Simple, Good and Tasty is bound to turn anyone into a card-carrying happy gift recipient all year long.

Local Food Lover Card from Simple, Good, and Tasty, City Pages Hot Dish Blog, December 10, 2009
Check this out: Simple, Good, and Tasty is launching a new Local Food Lovers Program as a way to encourage local, organic, sustainable, and fair-trade food purchases at Twin Cities restaurants and food retailers. Unlike other unwieldy coupon books and the like, the LFLP consists of a simple letterpress card good for all sorts of discounts...

Eat Well Be Well, Star Tribune, October 24, 2009
"We spend a lot of time choosing food, preparing and eating it together," said Zukor, founder of Simple, Good and Tasty (, a website promoting local and organic foods. "We want to keep that momentum going."

Simple, Good, and Tasty Local Food Dinner at Lucia's, Heavy Table, October 12, 2009
Simple, Good, and Tasty
, a Twin Cities site dedicated to local, sustainable, and organic foods and producers, posed this question as the theme of its most recent local food dinner, co-sponsored by Lucia Watson. The dinner, held last night at Lucia’s in Uptown, connected diners, farmers, and producers in a unique farm-to-table dining experience...