3-W Meats

According to Vince Welsh - Vince Welsh raises all his hogs on the farm, from baby to adult, so it is easy to know where all his delicious pork meat comes from. His products include whole or half fresh or cured hams, bacon, ground pork and burgers, sausage and breakfast links, baby back, spare and country style ribs, various loin chops and shoulder roasts and steak. The hogs are raised with no hormones, no antibiotics, no vaccinations and no genetically modified feed. All the corn fed to the hogs is raised on the home farm. Please call for prices and availability.
Phone number: 


3809 Marshall Ave.
Mattoon, IL 61938
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I want everyone to buy 3 W Meats. Their hamburger tastes like the hamburger we ate in the 1960's. Fresh and juicy but not fatty. The business itself is friendly and accommodating. If you live out of Mattoon, call ahead of time and they will make sure your meat is ready.

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