Beaver Creek Farm

According to Dale and Barbara Barnick - We offer what we call "Salad Bar Meats". This is a term coined by Joel Salatin, of Staunton, Virginia, who has been refining and teaching this proven farm production model since the late 1960s. The "salad bar" that these animals eat includes a fresh variety of legumes, herbs, and weeds on a daily basis. This type of pastured animal, because they eat high amounts of fresh forage, can be clinically shown to be far lower in saturated fats than conventionally produced meat. Raised without the negatives of high stress, subtherapuetic antibiotics, steroids, fecal air, and artificial light; and with the positives of probiotics, kelp meal, natural vitamins, fresh air and sunshine, clean pasture paddocks, and in small groups - pastured animals offer a completely different meat to you, the consumer. These animals outperform their factory farm counterparts by being locally grown, healthier, and possessing a superior taste and nutrition. The production and processing of salad bar meats is not smelly, inhumane, or neighbor-aggravating. The products we offer include grassfed beef, goat meat, chicken and stewing hens, lamb, pork, rabbit, turkey. These meats are available by reservation from May through October on a first come, first served basis. Eggs are always available.
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2518 Ivory St.
Mora, MN 55051
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