Gourmet's Delight Mushroom Farm

According to John Floyd - Rich & John Floyd have been farming mushrooms with their families for 24 years. Together these brothers have mastered the art of growing chemical-free mushrooms, a significant feat in the produce world. Gourmet?s Delight raises their mushrooms in an indoor facility of about 20,000 square feet...Our mushrooms are available at Whole Foods Market and directly at our farm.
Phone number: 
(920) 477-5664


N4970 Mushroom Farm
Eden, WI 53019
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Do You Still Sell The Compost For Gardens??

I purchased your mushrooms last Wednesday, at closing time. In fact, the gal had already locked up and had started her vehicle, but graciously stopped and re-
opened just for me. I used 5 pounds of your beautiful button mushrooms in a Beer-Brie-Mushroom soup that I made for a soup cook-off at our church(St. Raphael's in Oshkosh). Thanks to your tasty mushrooms I won first place and even pointed out to a few people where to find your farm. Tonight I try out the portabellas,...yum! I only wish you were closer. Thanks for the great product.

Penny Blackmore

how much are your mushrooms per lb?

How can I go about purchasing mushrooms for canning? Also, how much would they cost?

We were there a few weeks ago on Friday and you were closed.  Can you send me your hours.


How much are your mushrooms per # and do you ship them or do we have to pick  them up?  What type of mushrooms do you have?  I am looking for the small button ones.

I would love to get some mushrooms to can.  Could you please leave me know your hours and how much they cost.

Thank you. 



What are your hours,and do you sell portobellos?

What are your hours,and do you sell portobellos?

What are your hours and prices please.

What are your hours and prices please.

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