Lovin' Spoonfuls

According to Peggy Raisglid - Imagine walking into a restaurant, picking up a menu, and discovering that everything on it that would normally be made with meat-chicken nuggets, tuna salad sandwiches, burgers, and meatloaf-were all vegan. Everything on the menu at this cozy, casual, and affordable eatery, from its Route 66 Bacon Cheeseburger to its Sesame-Chicken Salad, is 100 percent vegan. "I take the vegan issue very seriously," says owner Peggy Raisglid. So many of the things that I value the most all come together at this one point: a venue to prepare great food, the ability to promote veganism and healthful eating while helping to minimize cruelty to animals, and the opportunity to interact daily with new faces and old friends. Open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-9pmSunday 10am-3pm For more information contact Lovin' Spoonfuls at:
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2990 N. Campbell Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
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