Melo Farms - Pure Breed Heritage Berkshire Pork

Melo Farms is a small 40 acre husband and wife farm in Yale, Michigan. Started April, 2010 we are committed to and practice natural farming including rotational grazing, grass-based animal husbandry and humane handling of our heritage Berkshire pigs. We have locally sourced our supplemental feed from our neighbors. No hormones, GMO modified grains, antibiotics or farrowing crates. We specialize in this wonderful heritage breed, are members of the Berkshire Pork organization and our herd is fully registered. After full life pasture raising we have local USDA licensed processor, C Roys located in Yale, process and store our pork to ensure freshness and safety. Our pigs have a life and live well so we can also.

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Melo Farms Yale, MI