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Traditional Foods Minnesota


Traditional Foods Minnesota, a self proclaimed "real food warehouse" and "buying club," offers some of the Twin Cities best foods at the lowest prices. Traditional Foods focuses on providing a wide variety of meats, cheeses, milk, eggs, poultry, fish and dry goods of the following kinds:

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Last Chance for a Simple, Good, and Tasty Meal at the Craftsman

craftsmanIf you're still contemplating coming to the first-ever Simple, Good, and Tasty dinner at the Craftsman Restaurant in Minneapolis on April 14, now would be a really good time to commit. In short: we're running out of space! I couldn't be more thrilled about the number of people who've reserved a spot so far (BIG thank you to those who're coming!).

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Seasonal Meat? Of Course!

Excellent, short post on Zachary Cohen's Farm to Table blog this week about the seasonality of meat. The post references a seasonal meat article in the seasonalAtlantic, noting that, just as produce needs time to ripen before it's ready, sustainably raised, grass-fed animals need time to graze and grow before they're ready as well. Definitely worth a read.

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Whole Foods Up Close: Breaking Into the Chain (Part 3 of 3)

My recent tour of Whole Foods has got me thinking about how true the company has stayed to its core values despite its size. Sure, there are problems. The buying decisions are made centrally, bakery items are shipped to local stores par-baked, there are only 5 local vegetables this month in the Minneapolis location, and - most troubling - a friend recently let me know that Whole Foods has been accused of union-busting. But all things considered, Whole Foods does an excellent job of walking the talk, and helping customers find the good stuff. This post highlights the extensive process Whole Foods uses to vet potential new partners.

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Whole Foods Up Close: Where's the (Local) Beef? (Part 2 of 3)

In yesterday's post, about Whole Foods' Local, Organic Values, I wrote about the core values of Whole Foods and how they influence the food sold at the stores. Today's post is about how purchasing happens, specifically related to the meat we get in the Minneapolis store.

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Whole Foods Up Close: Local, Organic Values (Part 1 of 3)


About a month ago, I went to the Minneapolis Whole Foods Market looking for local meat. I’ve been a Minnesotan long enough to know that our produce choices are severely limited in the winter months, but I figured there’d be plenty of local pork and beef to bring home. Turns out I was wrong - there was almost none. I left Whole Foods confused and surprised, and I left them a note. The next day, Renee Howard sent me an email.

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Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local Program Celebrates Regional Foods

My Dad, eater of Joyva jelly rings, Kosher beef tongue, and the biggest bags of salad you've ever seen, moved from New York (where I grew up) to Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife Paula several years before he died.

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Thousand Hills Cattle Company: Grass Feed, Midwestern Beef

One of my favorite things about writing the Simple, Good, and Tasty blog so far is that I get to share information about people and companies that are working hard to do something good for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Bryant Lake Bowl Serves Up Sustainable Food

Bryant Lake Bowl is unlike any other place I've been. The front of the place is a bar/restaurant with a terrific beer list (including local favorite Surly and several Belgian beers) and some of the best tofu and egg scrambles in town.

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Local Coffee Beans - in Minnesota

Today's Star Tribune reports that John and Maggie Torsvald of Dawson, Minnesota (about 50 miles west of Montevideo) have been growing coffee on their organic farm for more than 30 years. From the Star Tribune:

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