Traditional Foods Minnesota


Traditional Foods Minnesota, a self proclaimed "real food warehouse" and "buying club," offers some of the Twin Cities best foods at the lowest prices. Traditional Foods focuses on providing a wide variety of meats, cheeses, milk, eggs, poultry, fish and dry goods of the following kinds:

  • Real food from local Midwestern farmers, including many of the foods you'd find at The Wedge or other Twin Cities co-ops, such as Thousand Hills Cattle Company beef and hot dogs.
  • Products from micro-producers that you're not likely to find at major retailers
  • Non-local health foods

The folks at Traditional Foods are obviously extremely committed to providing terrific, local, sustainable food, and it feels very much like a family business. Here's what founder Will Winter says on the Traditional Foods Minnesota website :  

Making fresh food available to others who put their trust upon us is a SACRED RESPONSIBILITY that we don’t take lightly [...] Food is health, food is matter of life and death for us all [...] we are passionately devoted and passionately bonded to each other.

It’s pretty crazy, but yet, there is no other explanation for all this except to say WE FEEL CALLED TO CREATE THIS. Please work with us to make this now-creaky thing work so that our collective vision grows into the beautiful thing that we can all visualize in our dreams. Local, sustainable, fresh, nutritious, artisanal and delicious farm and wild-crafted food for us and our families! trad-foods-1

Traditional Foods Minnesota offers a lifetime membership for $75, and a variety of inexpensive ways to started, including a one day membership for $10. The place can also be rented out for parties, lectures, classes, and other events. Traditional Foods Minnesota is located at 302 W. 61st St. Minneapolis, MN 55419 Phone: 612-861-0097 I found about it via the Twin Cities City Pages (via my friends Erik and Kathy); you can read the full City Pages article here.