Blogging About the Corner Table Blog

scott-pampuch Corner Table is consistently rated one of the top restaurants in Minneapolis. Nestled in a mostly non-descript corner in South Minneapolis (save for Anodyne Coffee Shop, and Roadrunner Records), Corner Table (43rd and Nicollet, 612.823.0011) has served delicious food made from local and sustainable ingredients since 2004. Owner and Executive Chef Scott Pampuch (shown above) describes Corner Table like this:

Corner Table is a restaurant that listens to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. That source of inspiration guides our creativity and our entire menu, which is crafted from foods sourced locally and in season from responsible family farms. This approach is completely sustainable, and it's grounded in our respect for our history, nature's perfection, and our place in the world.

I'll write about the food at the restaurant some other time. For now, I want to mention that Scott also writes a great blog called Conversations at the Table about local, sustainable food, including this recent post about one of the farms he works with. Scott says:

This is one of the reasons I work with farmers.  No matter how much time I put in at the restaurant, I do think of the farmers getting up earlier than I do. Working out in the fields in all kinds of weather.  Doing what they do, because they love it.

Scott goes on to quote an article about Hidden Stream Farm, with a link to the farm itself. Pretty cool to be able to know who actually grows the food (and why) when you're eating in a restaurant, don't you think?