Dinner on the Farm Features JD Fratzke, June 27

I remember having this odd experience when my wife was pregnant with our first child. For 30 years, I'd lived my life completely unaware of "baby culture," and now, as we'd stroll through the Galleria, Lake Harriet, Southdale mall, or one of our favorite Minnesota food spots, we were surrounded. Pregnant women and babies were suddenly everywhere. It was as if some form of blindness had been cured, and now we could really see what was around us: a world of - babies! So it is with local, sustainable, and organic foods in Minnesota. Now that I've entered the world of the locavore, another form of blindness has been cured. Now I can see clearly, and what I see is - food!

Dinner on the Farm, the first stop in this year's Twin Cities Moveable Feast, looks to be an incredible night of gourmet food (and drink) and exceptional company. The details in the email I received are more colorful and evocative than those on the website. Here you go:

The evening begins with a motor coach ride out to the beautiful, rolling hills of [Dave and Flo Minar's] Cedar Summit Dairy Farm in New Prague, Minnesota. You'll be welcomed by the entire Minar family and a refreshing glass of wine from Alexis Bailly Vineyard. After you have a chance to get acquainted with your fellow diners, you'll be escorted on a walking tour of the farm, where you'll have a chance to learn firsthand about organic and sustainable farming. A long table in the middle of the green field awaits you at the end of your tour.

Your taste buds will tingle as JD Fratzke, one of the area's most talented chefs [from St. Paul's Strip Club], creates an unforgettable five course dinner, using many ingredients from the farm itself. We'll keep you hydrated during the feast with beer from Summit Brewery and local wine and you'll have a chance to speak with many of the people who worked so hard to produce them. As dinner is winding down and dessert is being served, a high-energy local bluegrass band will be warming up to entertain you as the sun finally sets over the horizon. A portion of the evening's proceeds will benefit Slow Food Minnesota.

The whole thing sounds fabulous to me. The cost is $150 per person, including food, drink, tour, music, and transportation from the Twin Cities. Here's the scoop: